Monday, April 18, 2011

Life is Crazy!

So, on Saturday I worked an outdoor festival in our city downtown square, at 2 we were told to pack up and leave due to a strong storm system heading our way. We packed up our tent and got back to the store about that time sirens at the campus across the street went off and we were informed to seek shelter due to a tornado. It passed very  quickly and with lots of force. We were fine in the store and then quickly realized that others were not so fortunate. My neighborhood was leveled, thankfully our home is fine except for limbs on the house, missing shingles and demolished fence and yard. I live in a beautiful historic mill community with amazing small 100 year old homes.  My hubby and dog were at home and were told to evacuate due to a gas main break and down transformers and power lines. I left work and got on I-40, because many lights were out. I got off I-40 a mile from my home and was told that I could not drive further. I walked up the deserted 8 lane highway to get to hubby and Kuma. It was a war zone and smelled of gas in the air. Large warehouses are gone, 70 year old businesses are missing roofs and flattened, 200 year old oak trees are shredded. Many houses are missing roofs just not there or have trees through them. I also know that some of our neighbors lost their lives. I was stopped by many neighbors to see if I was OK and asked if we needed help. I am so humbled by the experience and thank god that we are all safe and together and that so many were concerned with our safety.  This storm system created 65 tornadoes across N. Carolina. It is terrible. My thoughts are with all those that are less fortunate than us. We are in a hotel thanks to our parents and will continue to be here until the neighborhood is no longer declared a disaster zone. I am hoping that comes much sooner than later.
This image was taken by a student on the 15th floor of the Campus Library looking in the direction of my neighborhood. You can see the dark center tornado.

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