Saturday, March 19, 2011


After my trip to VA i really wanted to relax and just walk around and take a few shots. I forced my hubby and furry one into going with me to the sculpture gardens. The NC Museum of Art was placed on a 25 acre plot of land that is not far from our house 10 minutes, if that. The old museum and the new museum (went there last year) are next to each other and close to the road. Behind the museums is miles of paths that link these awesome art installations. The one image at the top is my favorite from today. I also really like it because in Charlotte, my home town, the same artist created these "onion rings" at a intersection I drove through frequently.
 Vollis Simpson created this amazing Whirlygig. He was a native N. Carolinian and a welder. I do believe that he past a few years ago. I know that at his home there are at least 30 of these 10-40 ft high structures all over his yard. I have made hubby promise me that we will go there soon. I think that it is so calming to watch. The entire structure rotates and spins in the wind. It was a perfect day for it to show off.
I took a few pictures in the yard as well, look what bloomed while I was gone! Mah, favorite!
                                                               Sunny yellow Daffodils!


  1. What a beautiful place to visit! How lucky you are that it is so close to you :) I love daffodils too.......they are just the most cheerful flowers ever!

  2. Aww I'm jealous! I want to go! I love that the onion rings are there. I have a feeling Raleigh appreciates them more than Charlotte. Besides, they look much better in an open field like this as opposed to the corner of like Wendover and Providence in front of some condos haha.