Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yard Art

I found all of this glass in the new part of my backyard over the last few months. They sat in an old strawberry basket muddy and neglected for too long. I have had grand intentions on making some ode to Raleigh type project! I sat in the glorious sun and carefully rinsed these shards of glass. My favorite piece of treasure is the white and blue stoneware dish in the middle of the top picture. I have also unearthed two new bottles from the bottom of the pecan tree (not in photos)
There are parts of old and new glass, some have writing and designs. The white dish, in the front of the bottom photo has awesome lace pattern on the edge. After washing these pieces, I went right back out into the yard and found more. I sat under the pecan tree for awhile digging the two other bottles out. It was a little nutty acting, but everyone needs to be nutty acting sometimes!

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