Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Dog is Too Happy

 This is my beautiful baby girl Kuma. She is a 7 year old American Akita. She is an extremely happy dog, as you can tell. She has a very large grassy green yard that is fenced in to run around in all day. She is all white and some how manages to keep herself very clean. She licks her self the way cats do. Its crazy. I personally have never given her a bath. My Hubby has probably 5 times. The spring weather has made her the happiest dog alive. She makes me the happiest Mama! She loves for me to take pictures of her. It generally takes Hubby standing behind me doing stupid things in order to get her to smile like this. She loves when everyone is together. She has been enjoying the recent family visits. She knew that my sister was at the door before I did. Kuma your Mama loves ya!

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