Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunny Days

We have had some beautiful days in NC lately. This is is a shot of Hubby and I sitting in the new part of the backyard. It was a sunny warm day, but the wind was a little crazy. I sat in the grass for awhile. he joined me. I love this shot because as we sat there talking I was taking incognito shots. We both look so happy to be sitting in the sun.  Grey sweatshirts and black sunglasses. The trees behind us are so bare and windblown. The sky so blue with whispy white clouds.
My house only gets sun on the front door for about hour. I never seem to be home for this  occasion. Today I was there! Such a cute color scheme with detail on the porch.
When the new fence in the yard went up, I just about had a serious heart failure. I looked out the laundry room window and thought this beautiful treasure had been cut down. Just one limb was lopped off, to my relief. Another tree is growing in it as well. I am unsure of the other type of tree. I know what this one tree is for many reasons. It is a Camellia.  This is a particular variety that I am not familiar with. My Grandmother, Nana, has many variety in her yard. However, they are not like mine. A more typically variety was planted at my Mom's family plot. Unfortunately, someone was allowed to cut that tree down. Possibly, the angst behind seeing chopped one in my yard.  My mom has one in her yard now. So does my Dad. I have to say the ones at my Nana's house are huge 15 ft bushes and there must be 4 varieties  that have impressively different blooms. They bloom at different times during the chilly weather with multiple shades. I am in heaven, I have never seen a Camellia tree that blooms like this! It is an amazing display!
Camellias are dripping off of this tiny tree. I love how it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.
While sitting in the yard I asked Hubby to pull this out of the ground. It is says that it is a Seltzer Drug Bottle. I think that there must be 6 more buried in the base of the pecan tree. The bottles are small, no bigger than my hand. My yard is even more like Alice in Wonderland. Bottles in the bottom of trees.

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  1. Your house is so cute Molly and that tree is incredible!