Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day Trip to Duke

I live very close to Duke University. I had never had the opportunity to visit the campus. I knew that it was beautiful, this was not what I expected. We went to Durham mostly to visit a BBQ joint with my mom. It was fabulous BBQ, sorry no pics of that. We also went to Duke Gardens which were only in spring time budding. I will post pictures of the gardens later. Most of these pictures are of the Chapel in the main part of the campus. There was a wedding taking place so we were unable to go inside.  
I love the native stacked stone; the yellows against the gray blue was inspiring. It looked like a quilt with tan sashing. All of the buildings in the main part of the campus were made from this stacked native stone.
The detail in the granite surrounds was amazing. I am sure that the stain glass was way more impressive inside. We were able to walk all the way around the chapel. It sits at the top of the campus. I was very shocked at how dirty the surrounding grounds were. There was only one small quad that had pansies and dogwoods in it. The grass was non-existent else where on campus. There was trash in all of the shrubbery and a lack of pruned or maintained shrubs everywhere. We all commented on it at different occasions.  We were shocked because Duke is an old established Ivy league school, it is very expensive as well.
Duke's campus makes up for its lack of maintained lawns and overall lushness is made up with by these beautifully impressive and inspiring buildings. I am still a Tar-Heel or NC State fan, but it was neat to visit the enemy!
                                                  Awesome patterns and stone detail!

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