Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Recycled Bag

I am lucky to have three days off this week. I have been trying to make a few of these recycled bags. I use blue jeans mostly to make the bags.  In this case I used a pair of super heavy duty Abercrombie and Fitch khaki. They were mine in high school, they have super deep pockets, which is perfect for this project. The had one small stain on the knee, but other wise in perfect condition. I think that was the only part of the pants that I didn't use. I generally reserve the long leg panels to make recycled bowls.  I love this Amy Butler lotus fabric, it was the perfect complement to the light khaki. Here are a few shots of the progression of making the pants into the bag. In this case the leg pieces were used as panels around the Amy Butler fabric. I will show you the finished product soon!

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