Thursday, September 3, 2009

Recycled bags

OMGosh! I had a million grocery bags under the kitchen sink.  I had seen this blog about crocheting plastic grocery bags a while back. I thought about the image the entire time we were in the process of moving. (Note to self: Blog about moving tips, I have ample experience) I cut bags into loops then daisy chained them together. Then used a HUGE ("M" I think) needle to single chain stitched them into a basket. I loved how expandable the bag was when I finished and it fit into the crate of dish towels. Now, when I need a dish towel I wont get a plastic bag stuck to my wet hand. This is a really great project for kids too. The daisy chain is super simple and using the fat needle is easier for the little hands. I could have varied the bags from different stores to create a pattern but, I stuck to the same old grocery bag.
I had a handful of other ideas that you could use to recycle into yarn. Like blue jeans, paper, linen, salvage edges, ribbon, VCR tape. Oh, I am sure I can come up with other applications. I like this concept more and more. 

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