Monday, August 24, 2009

Desk Acessories

Look what I made for my new sewing desk. I recently moved and it took me awhile to get my craft/sewing/office space set up. My hubby is going to grad school so he got my old desk with a spiffy new executive chair. I got a door, a very large solid wood door. I made legs and have been getting it all set-up recently. 

I recalled seeing awesome blocks/storage on Oh, fransson! I kinda altered her easy directions to suit my desired outcome. I have tons of old blue jeans so I recycled the pockets on the front. I made two of the same size. I have attempted fabric storage boxes before however, they were not what I expected. They were way to floppy despite the extra thick batting. Oh, fransson! suggests using pelltex. After a long search in the newly remodeled fabric store I found this prized material. I was astonished at the price, but felt in the long run that it was well worth the purchase.

I went ahead and made a matching pin cushion with little pockets for my desk. Can you guess what my color scheme is. I looooovvvvvvee black and white fabric prints. I would buy them all if allowed. The red help ties together my red stapler and other office accessories.

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