Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Painted Glass Jars

I really enjoy recycling objects that I have around my home. When we moved I realized that we had a nice collection of glass jars. I have a lot of glass paint that I used when I painted my M.I.L. a cake plate last Christmas. I love the pearlescent purple paint. My office/computer/craft space is red and black. So I used the red as an accent. I know they are funky, I wanted to spice it up with a little color and pattern. Most of the jars are old jelly jars (the labels came off easier).
I like the shorter jars because the skinny tall items stick out and my hand wont get stuck trying to get the item out. Yes, that is little Me and young Monk in the sock monkey frame! 
I do like the bigger jars as well. This one Ball Jar on the Right had a great raised image that I crudely painted. This one I end up pouring everything out on the table to find what I am looking for. I enjoy having everything out at eye level for whenever creativity strikes me! In my old space at the old house everything was in boxes or plastic crates. I had no idea what treasures I had. I have taken way fewer trips to Joann's recently because I have found multiples everything!

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