Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Stitching

I love Halloween! Have I mentioned that? I am not into the spook and gore, just the funny, silly part. It also means that I am allowed to buy copious amounts of candy and eat it! I like the crafty part of Halloween too. I have made many a costume for myself and friends. Like a shark (friend was victim), deviled egg, spelling bee, flower....Oh! so much fun! This year I am too old to party and have to work late so, I am compensating. I have many crafty ideas including the embroidery that I did earlier this week. Hubby watches too much football, this is what I get accomplished. Both the hoops were very old and rusty so glad to find a use for them. Hope that it wont mess up the material later on.(Just thought of that!) I really enjoyed creating the "Happy Halloween" one. So, started off with wanting to put an owl in a tree. First I researched; owls, owls in trees, embroidered owls, owl cartoon, scary owls. I stitched the tree and put owl in hole. Then I wanted a spider web, so I researched; spider webs, webs in trees, spiders in webs, cartoons of spider webs, spiders..... Well this is pretty much how the whole scene went. I saw some really amazing pictures especially naturalist who put their images on flicker. Check out some bat images, really creepy, yet some how, still, really cute!

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