Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vintage Clothing

 I am in love with these items of clothing that came out of my Mama's closet. I was helping her pick out and outfit of her own and was drawn to these on the storage side of the racks. I pulled these few items out and hung them in her sunny window. I enjoyed the outcome.
My mom was in high school in the late 60's and according to her, these Villager shirts paired with skirts were the uniform of the cool girls. She loved the blue and yellow shirts so much she has held onto them for 40 years. They are beyond being able to wear, but they are nice to appreciate. They are not preserved by any means and may never be. I still love the construction, the collar, and the tag where you can write your name in it. I see why she saved them.

 The white blouse could still be worn if careful. I recall wearing it once as a teenager and it being small back then. The embroidery and smocking on the front and around the sleeves is gorgeous and all intact. It is probably my favorite except the velvet wedding dress from the 20's (I'll take a picture of that the next time I go home).
When my great-aunts passed they had no children of their own and so my mom and sister and I cleaned out their homes.  Puggy had almost 30 of this dress in her closet. She made them all in different fabrics for different occasions. She was the same size as me, this dress fit me perfectly! It is a really great pattern, very flattering fit. Mama said that Puggy would come home from work with a 1 1/2 yard of fabric and whip up a dress for Church that week. I brought this dress home to wear with boots. I love it!

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