Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall has come home!

 I love fall, it is an amazing time of year in the East.  I have traveled to Tennessee, Brookshires in Mass., NY, VA it is all beautiful and breathtaking when the oaks and poplars change. I lived in Boone, NC where people would drive from another state to look at the changing leaves in my backyard. The colors never ceased to amaze me when I would take the turn on the back roads in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is something every year that gets me super pumped up when the trees around my home change.

Every area seems to boast about the trees. I see the beauty everyday, every where I go. I have been looking at these colors for a month a year my whole life. They make me feel alive. The pictures don't really do them justice. Its okay, my heart knows that golden yellow and scarlet red between the trunks and evergreens.
 We took a walk around a lake near our home. It was amazing to take that breath of warm leaves on the ground as we made our path in the carpet they create. PS. That is Kuma's tail in the bottom right... I just noticed it.
It was a gorgeous day for taking a few shots around Lake Johnston on our 3 mile walk. The blue against the fall leaves and navy lake, I loved every minute of enjoying this opportunity to be outside and enjoying where I live. Its hard to imagine having much more beauty right outside your door.

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