Thursday, February 18, 2010

My sad overly used quilt

I did this to this pretty little topper. Gasp! My mom found the top at a yard sale and tacked a back on in the 80's.  I don't really remember seeing it until high school and I left for college and took it with me. I know that the holes weren't that bad when I took it. Remember that the blacks and dark blues were being chewed up. I feel sad when I look at it. It is sooooo soft and the perfect weight, but it has terrible shredded fabric and the seams are coming apart so I am putting it up. It cant be washed! I cant believe that I did that! Oh I am ashamed. I know some of the fabrics are from the 40's. They feel like kleenex lotion tissue. (I know that is uber specific, but I am bit of a tissue snob) I don't think that I can fix it! Too far gone.  I am going to have to create a replacement from the purple king size Mountian quilt scraps. (Blogging of,  I pulled it out last week and ironed the blocks and strips and sized it up and figured out a game plan. I am finishing that UFO soon!) I am never gonna be able to make it soft enough!

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