Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas gifts!

I made about 10 sets of these as Christmas gifts this year. I really hope to make a tutorial soon on how to make pot holders. I just looked at some that I had. I made a few prototypes that I kept for us. Wanted to use the Christmas fabric that I got for such a good deal last January. I used old blue jeans for the tough part. I also bought fire resistant batting. I was expensive but worth it. Suprisingly, the metallic thread that was used to make the snowflake was heat resistant. After making a few adjustments to the prototype, I made an assembly line and made all 20 in one day! I like them because they are small and not bulky. I also think they are good for laying out flat on the table under hot dishes. Well, all the family liked them. Would be easy to change up the fabric and make them for all the holidays. I used recycled fabric and it was a great cheap gift to accompany a cookbook for charity. 

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