Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fabric Shopping

Well, Santa knows what I want. At my age, with no kiddos, I get cash. Cash is my favorite, though it is not very Christmasy. Also, I didn't travel for the holidays and checks are easier to mail. I instead stayed home to clean closets, cook yummy meals, plan spring and summer vacations/ projects and participate in some sale shopping.
My favorite sale shopping is done at the fabric stores. The worst is that there is a lovely quilting store store is walking distance from my house and it hasn't been raining much. Ive gotten some great deals from Jo-Ann's as well. So, I started piling the fabric up on the table so I could take an awesome photo. I felt like a bride after getting all my gifts on my wedding day.
I decided it was a good time to try to visit some of the other quilting stores in near by towns.
I ended up going to three different/new to me stores and ordering stuff online. My Kaffe stash on top is my favorite.
I started immediately stitching on a piece that I intend on incorporating into a bag.

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