Monday, May 28, 2012

Scrap Wreath

I was searching on Pinterest recently for ideas for scrap fabric. This idea was by far my favorite.
I simply untwisted a wire hanger with pliers. Then smoothed the corners and shaped into smallish circle. I dug through all my bags of scrap fabric for spring colors. I had a lot of thin yellow that I never saw myself using. I used the yellow as a base. I folded scraps in half and looped then around the wire, pulling tight. I filled the entire wire with the yellow, it was not full looking though. Then I started with the brights and patterns. Making sure that I spaced similar colors evenly around until the wreath looked full. I then tied a long length of ribbon so it can be hung. Finally a bow to add a focal point. This project was so satisfying , using my scraps, making a gift for free, getting to sit in front of the tv while making it and my mama's love when I gave it to her.

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