Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday Drive

 When I was out of high school I did a lot of driving, not just back and forth from the mountains (college) to home. I also took many long distance trips including driving to CA from NC, and NC to Chicago and New York. I loved to drive and would travel great distances with out stopping. I never just pulled to the side of the road and got out to look around or take a picture. If I stopped there was a purpose; gas, food, sleep or when nature called.  I loved to look out the window and watch the landscape change.
 I drive very little now for many reasons. I have a 10 min commute to work, gas is expensive, and where ever I go the dog has to come with me! Also, we were involved in a horrific accident going 75 mph on the interstate with a tractor trailer that just pulled over on us and totaled our car. This accident happened over 5 years ago but, I have never really gotten over it. I rarely drive on the interstate and generally make hubby take on that task.  I could drive from my home to my parents on I-40, instead I choose a mostly 2 lane hwy. 
 I find myself wanting to stop every mile to take pictures on the Sunday afternoon drive home. The sun is low and red. It creates a beautiful light to take pictures in. I resisted stopping until I got to the lake, I will admit I was talking to my boss and the phone kept cutting out on the hwy. It was perfect way to finish the conversation and feel safe while stepping out on my own and taking some shots.
I have changed how much I travel and which route I take but, I get to take a look at things closer. I stop along the way and take my time and enjoy my travel. Even though, it is not as adventerous as I once was.  I have chose a beaten, slower path and have taken this 3 hour drive near 60 times and see something new every time. I get to see the real North Carolina. These lakes and trees and quite roads and farms are what I think of when I recall my road trips through my home state.

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