Monday, October 17, 2011

NC State Fair

I have mentioned that I love October and Fall many times. Since moving to Raleigh, October is even more exciting because its the NC State Fair. We only live 15 min from this temptation. I truly enjoy going to the state fair. My favorite thing about the state fair is the Yesteryear's building (of course, Chocolate Dipped Frozen Nanners too).  I love the rag rugs and sweet grass baskets, so much inspiration in a tiny building.

The report was there was 150,000 people were at the fair on Saturday! Dang it felt like it, I haven't seen that many people together in a long time. Honestly, it makes me a bit nervous to be in huge crowds like that. It was hard to get around. I enjoyed working that evening and talking to people and let it all pass around me.
                                          McBride's Turkey Legs are totally worth the wait!

                                                               Giant Sweet Taters!
                                I love the hair on the top of the calf's head. He looks like a old man!

I can hear the fireworks at my house miles away. It is an impressive end to a whirlwind of a day.

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