Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Birthday Gifts

My Birthday was last week. I got some great gifts. Mainly because I bought most of them for myself. My hubby did give me a Kaffe quilt book that is Amazing! Many bonus points to him for remembering that hint!

I also went to the fabric store and bought myself a heck of a lot of fabric that I have been wanting. This is only part of it. I think that I went a little nuts. I found a new shop to go to. So I took my day off and treated myself to a Whole Foods breakfast bar on the way. I found the fabric store in the middle of a construction nightmare, but it was totally worth walking through the super crazy scaffolding around the building. I almost teared up when I was greeted with a southern hello, I felt like I was home. The lady in this store was awesome! Much much better than the other stores and my experiences with folks that work in fabric stores. She knew what she was doing, helping me pair the fabrics. Oh the racks of Moda were all so beautiful, which I never get see in person before I buy. I spent over two hours in the small store, soo much to take in. I am so pleased that I have found this spot. I have a few projects in mind. I will share soon.

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