Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Kitchen

Food is a great way to feel connected to people, places and feelings. My hubby is a wonderful chef. We have started asking for high quality cookware for gifts. We asked for a dutch oven or cast iron pot so we can make good roasts. The awesome cast iron pot my mom got for us has yet to be used to make roast, but we have used it for quite a few soups. Chili is a favorite. Warm spicy chili and corn bread reminds me of living in the mountains and the deep drifts of snow that would make me stay inside. It was awesome! I love the teal color of the cast iron pot. It matches the rack, a $5 flea market find. Parents In- Law found the art work of Akita with glass of beer. We love it! I made the pot holders and got the Vera tea towels for free at my previous job. I love the the color scheme. It reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen in the the 80's, she had these super awesome cabinet and drawer pulls that were lemons and limes. She also had bright yellow wall paper. And yes those are super awesome double chocolate cookies in the background. I do the baking, hubby made the chili.

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