Monday, October 6, 2008

My Quilt Project

I am getting ready to make a quilt for our new king size bed. This is only the fourth quilt I have ever made and the first king size. I am using scrap fabrics that I had in a trunk for a few years. Some are silks and vintage. I am concerned on how the fabrics will hold up. I saw Georgia Bonesteel's quilting show recently on PBS and she was talking about using ties to make quilts. She suggested washing them and only keeping the ones that survive. I followed the Master's suggestions and most scraps survived. However, I am concerned about the wear of my husband and tear of the dog's paws. (I know they shouldn't get on the bed but, it is soooo nice when you are sick.) I am also concerned about the actual quilting process and how the materials will work. The quilt has been nice to prepare for but, I am concerned about actually finding the time and skill to complete.
The first quilt I made was very basic pinwheel pattern. I enjoyed the piecing the materials more than binding the quilt and hand quilting. This was made easier by the help of a dear friend and her large screened in porch. The second was a very sturdy corduroy and I simply tied the corners of the patches with yarn. The third mimicked the second except the fabric was blue jean.
I have decided to create an image of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the quilt. This is the most creative and largest undertaking I have ever done with cloth. I enjoy a challenge we will see how progress continues through out this blog. I just wonder how long it will take me!

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