Friday, October 10, 2008

i love misty rain

It is so rainy and misty today again. I love the way it makes me feel clean. I want to hibernate and cook warm meals. I made potato soup for the first time the other day. I made it the way my husband suggested (he's an awesome cook), not the way I initially wanted. My cooking ends up like this often: I suggest a meal, he tells me how to make it, I resist, I make it his way, I love it! I started the base that had onions, red pepper, garlic and turkey bacon sauteed at the bottom of the pan. (I burnt this part because our stove in this rented house is terrible.) Then, I added two containers of no salt added chicken stock,sea salt, pepper and slight dash of Cayenne pepper. When it boiled I added potatoes cut up in big cubes. It the end I decided to add a can of green beans. Minus the large burnt bacon floating in the soup it was fabulous! I made too much but, I freezed it.
I have not had time to work on the mountain quilt. I did make Jason go with me to a fabric store on Sunday. I have never been to this chain of fabric/craft stores. They had very good prices, but terrible selection. A customer in the store commented on my funny use of strips I had brought so I could fill in color gaps. I was very annoyed at her up turned nose and northern accent. I was later even more annoyed by her presence as she held a loud conversation in line for the cutting table. I have never been to a fabric store where there is only one person cutting fabric for the whole store. Jason was very patient about her rude comments twards his tattos while in the check out line. I am always suprised and ashamed at the level that I let people like her bother me. I doubt that I will return there for fabric. I miss Mary Jo's , the selection is insane!

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