Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crochet Christmas

This is the crochet Christmas blanket. I started with the red stripe in the middle, It was supposed to be a scarf for a gift. The scarf came out rather crooked, I am not a very skilled at crocheting. So, I just added the white to see if I could even out my mistake. I rather enjoy the uneven nature of my stitch and can move fairly quickly. I only did a single crochet.
The sides are unfinished. I plan to stitch all the way around the edge in the green. I am concerned about the way I have left the ends so uneven. I have noticed that I am bad at dropping stitches. Oh, did I mention that I am pretty much a self-taught crocheter! I know I should count, but I don't. I will have to research what type of stitch to use to bind the uneven look.
This is the most recent addition to the blanket. Jason has started to watch football in the evenings since it has gotten cooler. I like to sit and watch him get so worked up. I really liked the strips until Jason said they look like the lines on the football field. I know he really likes the blanket overall. I hope to be finished with it very soon!

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